Yabba Cannaba

Enhanced Hemp Genetics


Yabba Cannaba is located in Denver, Colorado, where our team of professional horticulturalists has been propagating diverse plant species for over two decades in our 250,000 sq. ft facility. We understand what it takes to deliver high quality plant products, and aim to be leaders setting the standard for this rapidly changing industry.


We do our own genetic testing in house. This gives us unique insight into the plants that make up our breeding and seed production programs. We primarily look at the genetic markers related to feminization, CBDA synthase production, and THCA synthase production. Only plants that present exceptional genetic traits are selected.

In addition to our own research and development, we engage the academic and research communities in an effort to grow the global understanding of the cannabis genome. This includes the plants’ genetic markers and variations, and how those markers impact field performance, resistance to various pests and pathogens, and chemotypic profile.


Devoted to quality. Committed to the future. We offer CBD dominate feminized seed, seedlings, and clones. Yabba Cannaba hemp seed is fully feminized, genetically stable, and ready to plant. All of our products are produced in a controlled environment using cutting edge growing practices. Our hemp has proven to grow vigorously in the field without the use of pesticides.

Yabba Cannaba Enhanced Hemp Genetics is legally registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA).

Our Promise:

We only supply/approve high quality hemp seeds. What that means to us is all our seed is 3rd party tested to produce 99.9% female, high germination rate of 90% or better (typically 96%) and high CBD compliant strains with a 25:1 to 40:1 CBD to THC ratio. We have the highest quality field selection, genetic testing, and phenotype selection, to ensure that only the most exceptional plants advance to produce seed. We take pride in producing only the best genetics!

99.9% Feminized Seed
90-96% Germination
Acres of Farm Land
Square Foot Facility



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